Saturday, November 14, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge

My kids on the trip to KC.

Owen's observation: "It looks like GIANT Lincoln Logs."

They insisted on pulling their own suitcases.

They loved their bunk beds.

They thought this place was AWESOME!

That smile says it all!

Their souvenirs!

Them on the way home.

Enjoy the photos, I know we enjoyed the moments!


george said...

Obviously Unforgettable!!!! I am sure the memories of the Lodge will last for a long long time....and I am sure that a couple of parents will remember the occasion too! Well Done....A picture is worth a thousand words..and I am sure that the whole experience speaks....volumes!

Mindi said...

We LOVE the Great Wolf Lodge- what fun!! except we made the mistake of going there on christmas day one year- nothing was open and we ended up eating at McDonalds-kind of depressing.