Saturday, November 21, 2009

Turkey Trot 10 Mile Run

Our traditional pre-race photo.

Jake's new running partner, Steve.

My running partners/group therapy.

This morning Jake and I ran the 10 mile Turkey Trot run in Cow Town. It was AWESOME!!! I have decided running is more a therapy for me. I find a great group of people to run with and we talk the WHOLE TIME! I got to be lucky enough to have two amazing women run with me. Jolyn is my new running buddy. I ran the JAK 5 K last year with her. And this was the longest run she has run to date! I feel very fortunate to have experienced it with her. Hopefully it won't be her last. My other partner in this race was Melissa Spottedhorse. She is a CRNA who works with Jake and has run the "Brew to Brew" the last two years with him. She just ran her first marathon this fall. We were lucky enough to have her with us on the route because she wore a watch that kept our time. I believe that running is either made or broken by your enjoyment level during it. I LOVE RUNNING!!! Thanks ladies for the good company and great therapy. And to all my other friends who made the 10 mile run, you ROCK!!!!


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Way to go Carrie! There are some fun Marathons here in UTah- so I have HEARD- you won't catch me running in them, but you should check them out- I heard the St. George one is a qualifier for the Boston. BTW when do you guys go to Boston?