Friday, November 27, 2009

Make a Wish

For some reason, making a wish with the turkey wish bone has been a goal of my son's. Well, yesterday I was busily cleaning up after the big meal and I threw it away still attached to the turkey. Last night we were getting ready for bed and he froze with a panic on his face. "We forgot to make a WISH!!!" I told him I took it out to the trash already. That might have ruined the entire day. But as soon as I saw the disappointed look on his face I promised I'd at least go to the trash in the garage and see if I can find it. Lucky for us all, it was right on top. I found it in about 5 minutes. This morning the bone of desire was dry enough to make our wishes and break it. My wish was granted, Owen won and now thinks his wish will come true. I sure hope so!

1 comment:

george said...

I'm curious......what was Owen's wish....? I am sure it was a good did Allie feel about Owen getting to make the wish....? Is that ......the rest of the story?