Saturday, November 28, 2009


I took this one, before bringing the tree in.

Owen took this one!

And this one.

This one too.

He likes candid shots!

I got the camera back! Before the tree was opened.

The tree after opening it.

Getting the rest of the decorations out.

The finished tree!

On Friday Owen made a wish, that tomorrow (Saturday) would be a great day. I think it came true! We went out Friday afternoon to pick out a Christmas tree. I was thinking 8-9 foot. Jake found his dream tree, an 11 footer!!! As he was standing there holding it, Owen looks at me and says, "This isn't going to work, is it?" He is ever so wise beyond his years. But Jake insisted it was the perfect tree, so we got it. After cutting a few inches off the trunk and the branches falling open a little it is actually about 10 1/2 feet. And Jake was right, it IS perfect! Today we went out and bought new lights, green and red balls and a star for the top. We got all the rest of our decorations out and the house looks great. If you ask me, today was a GREAT day!!!

Spoke too soon!!! The tree just fell over!!!! No one got hurt, but now we need to figure out what to do.

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george said...

This will be the Christmas story for several years to come! The Perfect Jeff Foxworthy..and the punchline...the tree feel over....I have several suggestions....but since I am not there to really see the situation...I will keep my big mouth shut...I am sure that between Jake and you will work out! Good luck! It does look like..."The Perfect Tree"