Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Confessions of a S.A.H. (situations are hilarious... SOMETIMES) Mommy

NASA issued diaper.

While working out at my friend Julie's house yesterday, my daughter made a stinky in her pull up. I was going to go out in the car to get another one, when Julie offered a size 6 diaper. It fit and we were good to go. I got home and forgot about her being in the diaper until I started to smell something. I told Allie we would go in her room and take the diaper off and put on a clean pull up. Owen came in after us making little commentary every now and then. I got out the new pull up and put the wipes on the floor. Allie laid down and I grabbed her feet. As I was lifting up her dress I was completely taken over by shock. My daughter had NO DIAPER on and there was some poop on her bottom! Trying to control my laughter, I asked her where the diaper was? She pauses for a while with a, "Uuuummmmm, downstairs in the playroom." SHE HASN'T BEEN DOWNSTAIRS IN AT LEAST 20 MINUTES!!!! Owen jumps off her bed laughing and yelling, "The poop is loose. The poop is loose." as he runs out of her room. I am still laughing and getting her cleaned up and dressed. I go downstairs and sure enough there it is in the playroom. But I haven't found any more poop. Maybe I just got lucky... or maybe I should see if NASA sells a "Allie-proof undergarment"?


george said...

Real life is funnier than "reality tv"......Between the casual attitude of Allie and the "commentary" of Owen....I think I would have lost it myself...of course....dreading the "rest of the story"...when you say "Oh, s**t!" and then you pick it up! Parenthood....so unique and yet so OMG!!

Angie said...

20 minutes isn't bad-who knows how long it will take me to figure this out.