Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dental SUCCESS!!!

Today Owen had a dentist appointment this morning. As most of you know, this is one activity I (or Owen) like to take him to. The last time I had to put my knee on his chest, hold his arms down with one of my hands and hold his head still with the other. This was all in order for them to BRUSH HIS TEETH! This time Jake was off work, so I sent Daddy to the dentist with Owen. He showed a little hesitation at the beginning, but bucked up and did GREAT! They even took x-rays. So the two boys went to Target to pick out a toy reward. Owen selected the cool rocket ship! The same one he asked Santa for.

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george said...

Rocket Man!!!! Owen is steppin' up and being a "big boy" about so many things.....I wonder what's next? Congratulations to Jake for his success and for any other future appointments.....Remember how much trouble we had trying to get Jennie to put contacts in??? And a "little birdie" had a conversation with her....and Shazam! she was good to a pro.....shocked us and the assistant at the office!!