Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Washable markers...THANK GOD!!!!

After bath time this evening, I thought I would let the kids do some drawing with marker and paper while they waited for daddy to come home from work. I had them all set up at the kitchen table and they were sharing pleasantly, so my sister and I decided to chat for a few moments in the kitchen. Our attention was diverted from conversation to "WHAT?!?!?" when we heard Allie announce, "I've got glasses!" Sure enough, there were two big circles drawn in brown marker around both of her eyes. Owen piped up with, "I did that!" comment of pride/creative ownership. Which then prompted Allie to retaliate with some doodling of her own on his right leg. Luckily, they were washable markers (we don't own anything but!) and came off after just a few rubs of the wet washcloth. Now comes the irony of this tale. About 25+ years ago in a small bathtub in Osborne, Kansas, a big sister thought it would be fun to take "soap crayons" and draw on her little sister. Only I didn't draw a few circles... I thought I could make her look like Smurfette if I colored her whole body with the blue crayon. This was definitely one of those moments when what goes around comes around. I love my life!!!!


Angie said...

For a minute there I was laughing so hard I couldn't even comment properly.

george said...

Deja Bleu!!!!!! I thought about that before I got to the end of the story.......LMAO!!!!! Gotcha!

Julie said...

Funny! Glad to see that it did wash off.