Friday, March 26, 2010

The Great Date Experiment

The couple next to us at Bonefish was on their "date" too!

We saw other couples walking around the mall with their neon packet!

In the car with our desserts!

Tonight, Jake and I went on a date. But not just any date... The Great Date Experiment #2. Our church is hosting a series called "The Great Date Experiment". It's based on MarriedLife's Big 6 Essentials. This date was focusing on Cultivate Communication. It started at 6:00, when we went by the church to pick up our packet to see what we were going to do. The first task was to select a place for dinner. Here comes the twist. We had to have our server surprise us with our order (with one stipulation). I'm a picky eater, so I had the bartender make me a surprise "fruity" drink. And she did! She just mixed together a few rums, few fruit juices and creme d' banana. The funny thing, she had so much fun making it that she forgot to charge us for it! Jake had the server pick a "flavorful fish" dish for his entree. He got Mahi Mahi and steamed veggies. We enjoyed our dinner and had fun answering some questions from our packet. Next task was to select an activity from this list they provided and answer the next series of questions. We chose to go to the mall. We walked around and answered the questions then moved on to our last task. We went to the grocery store, split up and purchased a surprise dessert for the other that was $2 and had some meaning behind it or something they haven't ever tried. I bought Jake a pint of Ben & Jerry's Boston Cream Pie Ice Cream, for obvious reasons. Jake bought me a couple of brownie bites that had pretty decorative toppings. He handed them to me and said, "Pretty, little sweet things for my pretty, little Sweet Thing." (Isn't he so CUTE!) Then it was time to head home. To prove we completed each task, we were asked to take our picture holding this picture of an exclamation mark that was in our packet. It was fun and different, we are planning on doing next months Great Date Experiment #3.


Anonymous said...

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george said...

Sounds like fun!!! Have to give that a whirl...shake it something unique and different....some interesting ideas!