Saturday, June 12, 2010

10 Things I'll remember...

About this year's Smokey Hill River Festival.

1. Allie's first road trip in underwear! (We had to stop twice during the 75 minute drive.)

2. Legos, legos, legos (Owen got his birthday present early from Grandma and Papa.)

3. Cotton Candy only comes in one size...HUMONGOUS!! (Allie's stick broke it was so BIG.)

4. Face paint fixes ANY bad mood. (Especially "tiger" face.)

5. Mother Nature makes for a great pace buddy in a race. (I'll blog more about that one.)

6. My almost-6 year old son, 3 1/2 year old daughter and myself can sleep in a FULL BED.
(I didn't say "great sleep", I just said SLEEP.)

7. Target is the best store to visit, when out of town. (I went there twice, within 48 hours.)

8. Need to add Calamine Lotion to my medical kit. (Owen got a bug bite in a "private" area,
and had to itch it in public.)

9. Rope swing in the backyard. (Papa put it together for some impromptu adventures.)

10. It was a great weekend, and we'll be sad to miss it next year. :(

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george said...

What makes memories all the more s pecial.....carry you through those later times when you wish you could do "those things"....and promise time....