Monday, June 28, 2010

Barbie is SAVED!

For some of my readers, you know that last August Jake and I were baptized (full submersion) at our church's Watermark. It took place in an above ground pool at Hartman Arena in front of hundreds of people with hundreds of people. (Luckily, we got to be first!) Owen and Allison got to see it and ever since then, whenever Allie sees an above ground pool she calls it a "baptizer". For example, a few weeks after we were walking down the toy aisles at Target and Allie saw a Barbie box selling a pool for dolls. She got really excited and yelled, "Mommy! Look! Barbie is getting BAPTIZED!!!" Those lucky ones around us at that moment got a good laugh. However, ever since then she's been begging to get one. The other day she got her wish. She was so happy carrying it through the store. Unfortunately, we got home and remembered all of her Barbies were boxed up and shipped to Boston. So Mommy got into her storage boxes and found some that she had before kids and gave them to Allie. Now we hold nightly baptisms for all Mattel figures! :)

After it was realized we had no dolls.

Mommy saves the day!


george said...

Again......her Hero!!!!Mommy makes her thinking....Priceless!!!!

Julie said...


Larsen's in Wyoming said...

What a cute story! I'm so glad that you are posting so much, it's fun to read and to follow your family. I'm so excited for your Boston experience, and I can't wait to read all about it.