Saturday, June 5, 2010

Storm the Dam-2010

Me, Steve and Jake

Today I ran the "Storm the Dam" half marathon trail run at El Dorado Lake State Park. WOW! It was a rough one! Horses take the trail we ran along so over half the time I was looking straight down making sure I didn't lose my footing in some hoof print and roll my ankle. As a bonus, I had a good support team during the run. I ran with Jake and our friend Steve. Steve ran this run last year so he ran at the lead and gave me heads up when it came to some challenging areas. Jake ran behind me to make sure I didn't get hurt and was making it ok. Both guys could have easily blown through the course, but they stuck with me. I felt like I had body guards. At first I felt bad holding them back, but the company definitely made the time go by better than if I was solo. This will be my last big run for a while. But I'm very glad I did it.

Thanks to Amy for watching the kids all morning for us!


george said...

Teamwork!!! Makes it happen!!!

Angie said...

I still wish I could have run it with you-stupid hip. Bah! Super proud of you, you are amazing.