Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kansas Trip-Day 1 (Travel Day)

Hanging out in Memphis Airport.

Allie on her old trike. She later went to her big bike.

Owen got on his bike, like he'd never been without it. We will have to buy the kids new BIGGER bikes when we return.

Last Sunday, the kids and I flew to Wichita, KS. Owen had a week off of school, so we decided to go home and visit our family and friends. I was a little nervous about flying with the kids (by myself). The flights were uneventful. There was a lay-over in Memphis, we ate lunch. We landed back in OZ at 3:30. My sister picked us up and we met my dad at Red Robin for some dinner. Then we dropped the kids off at home with dad and my in-laws (they are staying this whole week at a hotel). Jen and I went to Target to stock up on just about EVERYTHING! When we returned, the kids were in the driveway riding their bikes. The kids and I were very tired from our day of traveling, so we went to bed (in our OWN beds) and got some much needed rest. All in all, a great day to the start of a fabulous vacation.

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peanut3762 said...

great times.......great fun!!!