Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ski Trip Vermont-Day 3

Monday was ski day! We got up and bundled and hit the mountain.

This is Allie's "ski face".

This is Owen's "ski face".

The kids were dropped off at their Mini Bear ski class.

They got fitted for ski boots. They both thought they were cool.

Sean (our snow board instructor) and Jake

Owen (in black) and Allie (waving) practicing on 1 ski.

Owen and daddy working on going down the declines.

My Snow Crew

Allie and Owen relaxing after a BIG day of activity.

Jake caught on to snow boarding, me... not so much! The kids really liked skiing and NO ONE got hurt. We are thinking of taking the kids skiing more often when we return to Kansas. It was a good day on the mountain.

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ozartink said...

Great Big Outdoor Adventure....once they can handle the waterskies!!!!!