Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ski Trip Vermont-Day 1

On Saturday, we got up and hit the road. Our destination, Sugarbush Ski Resort near Warren, VT. I will say this, they get A LOT of snow but it is so BEAUTIFUL! These mountains are very different from what I'm used to in Colorado.

This was our view as we were driving through New Hampshire.

Yep, Boo-Boo Bear made this trip.

Owen, playing on his DSi.

Just look at the view!!!

I couldn't believe the signs. MOOSE CROSSING?

We stopped in Hanover, NH for lunch and gas. Here is a shot of Dartmouth College.

We loved the name of this place.

Here is where we ate lunch. It was AWESOME!!!

Now this is when our wonderful journey starts to take some unexpected turns. It turns out that there are 2 highway 12a. Who knew? Well, we took the wrong one and drove 45 minutes in the opposite direction we wanted to go. However, (me the eternal optimist) saw some amazing covered bridges. Check out exhibit A.

Exhibit A

So we turn around and get back on the right road. But shortly after crossing the Vermont state line, it started snowing these HUGE snowflakes. At first, we thought, "WOW! This is really beautiful." Then it turned to, "WOW! I think we just entered a blizzard!" Not really knowing the area we stopped and asked (a few) locals what they suggested we do. So we drove, SLOWLY, into Montpelier, VT for the night. We ate at a nice pizza place and found the last hotel room. Apparently, we weren't the ONLY crazy people out driving in this weather.

View of the BLIZZARD!

Montpelier, VT Capital Building across from our hotel.

My tired crew.

And this concludes our Day 1.


peanut3762 said...

AWESOME! Yeah for BooBoo Bear! I swear that bear gets around. It's good to know he's a comfort for her. I liked all the pictures, but, can tell from the last one that exhaustion was setting in. Owen and Allie playing with their hair...let the countdown to pass out begin. Glad you all made it home safely.

ozartink said...

Another Boston based adventure for the Arnetts!!! What an adventure.....a scenic trip...and educational one...to boot!!!!