Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ski Trip Vermont-Day 2

I mentioned that we stopped for the night in Montpelier, VT due to some serious snow. What was really cool about this snow storm, was after we went to bed we heard/saw loud thunder/lighting! During a snow storm, WEIRD! We did get some good and much needed sleep after it stopped. We woke up and loaded up the car to continue our trip.

This is the capital building in the daylight.

This was a cool theater across from our hotel.

After leaving Montpelier, we drove to Stowe, VT. If you know me, you know that I am currently wishing to win the HGTV Dream Home (it is in Stowe, VT). We didn't find it, but I can tell you this, we LOVE the town of Stowe. We found a bagel place for breakfast before heading to the Ben & Jerry's Factory. (aka: HEAVEN)

The breakfast place. Catchy name!

The sign from the road.

The snow was covering half of this sign.

Do we look HUNGRY?

Choices, choices, choices.

A picture of us sampling some ice cream after the factory tour. YUMMY!

We had to go buy some more ice cream!

You'd buy ice cream that had these faces on it, right?

On the road, to Sugarbush.

We stopped at this (house) Green Cup Cafe for lunch.

The kids got new ski masks for the trip.

Strike a pose.

He's got MAD ninja skills.

We made it to the ski lodge and had an "experience" at this pizza place for dinner. All I can say, is after all we had been through, we were READY for some outside activity. But that will come on the next post. :)


Emz said...

B & J.

Ice cream

Must agree that theater rocks!!

ozartink said...

Such an adventure!!!!! The trip will be as memorable as the destination!!!!