Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011-Boston Style

Today was Easter. Boy, do I feel blessed! Since it's Sunday, I'll start this blog with my training update. I just finished week #5. It was another hill run. I ran 5 miles, 3 of them were serious hills. I was originally planning on running them on a treadmill at the gym. But the weather today was BEAUTIFUL! I had to run outside. I don't love hills, but I LOVE outside running. Fresh Pond was so crowded. It was awesome! I saw all kinds of people. It was an amazing run!

5 miles done! (3 miles hills)

Now on to the good stuff, the kids! What's Easter, without kids? I'm not sure, but I don't want to be a part of it. The kids have had probably one of the best days on the calendar, today. It started bright and early this morning. We could hear the kids talking in their room about it being Easter. About 10 minutes later, they wandered into the living room and saw the baskets that were left by the bunny. Let me just say, the bunny did AWESOME!

Owen and his loot.

He is putting the legos together by himself.

Allie and her basket-o-goodies.

Our friends, The Beans, invited us to an egg/candy hunt at Owen's school play ground. Allie was eager to get her Easter outfit on. I can't believe how big she looks.

She's READY!

My angels in their matching outfits.
(I wonder how many more years I get this?)

This is the crew at the play ground, waiting to go hunt treats.

With Jaelyn's hair, she looks taller than Owen!

Team Work! Owen found them, A.J. could reach them!

The Crew with their haul.

They had such a good time!

After the hunt, the kids played at the Bean's place. So Jake and I went to lunch, just the two of us, at this new place. It was PERFECT!

This is them getting settled, before our "lunch date".

After lunch, we went and picked the kids up and went to Harvard Square to see the movie, Rio in 3D. It was so much FUN!

How cool do we look?

We ate dinner at IHOP, a favorite of the kids. Talk about a FULL DAY! Finally, I want to add that after looking at the calendar, we have only 9 WEEKS left in Cambridge. But don't fret, we have lots of tasks and sites to see before we return to Kansas.


Patsy Baker said...

What a great day.

ozartink said...

A picture perfect day!!!! Memories!!