Sunday, April 17, 2011

Training-Week 4

Me (and Jake) after our 9.5 mile run.

This week I ended my training with a 9.5 run. Lucky for me, I got to run it with Jake. (See photo above.) Our friends the Bakers are here, so Steve ran with us too. Thank you so much Patsy, for watching the kids for us. Jake realized during the run that the last time him and I ran together was my first day in Boston back in August. It was misty outside, but not too cold. We ran along the Charles River, then crossed the Mass Bridge. Back up the Charles River and over the Harvard Foot Bridge, then home. I felt good about the run. I felt even better after I showered and ate a breakfast sandwich that Jake made me. :)

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ozartink said...

Two thumbs up......Life is good!