Saturday, June 20, 2009


Lately my children have been doing this ritual after bath time every night that makes me smile.  The first one out, get their pj's on and jumps on the bed to begin construction "the battleship".  This isn't just any ship, it somehow relates to the Star Wars series.  Some nights they are jedi other nights they are droids.  Some nights they are the good guys other nights they are the bad.  I stand there and watch them and have moments of my own childhood flash in my mind.  Lucky for me tonight, I happened to have my camera near by.  They are only little for so long and their imagination is so big.  Good Times!

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george said...

It costs nothing.....needs no batteries....stimulates the brain...while you play among the stars....and never leave the comfort and safety of your own bed!That creative spark that nurtures the individual and makes them unique! To be there on a daily it grow and mature without losing its magnificence...Priceless!!!! The rewards a parent reaps from investing in the life of a child! You never lose any interest much less the investment...bragging rights....Priceless!!!!