Monday, June 22, 2009

Isn't broken, Don't fix it!

June 9, I was cleaning up the toy room and carelessly put Owen's plastic box that houses all of his magnetics on the top shelf.  In one quick move, it fell and landed on my right foot.  I thought I was going to die.  I turned to Owen and told him to go upstairs and tell Nennie and Daddy that mommy was hurt.  "Okay" he says cheerily and bounds up the stairs.  About 5 minutes go by and no one returns.  My foot is now swollen and has a clear bruise in the shape of the corner of the box.  I feel a little nausea and light headed, but putting any pressure on my foot is impossible.  So I slowly sit on the floor and beg Allie to go upstairs and tell Nennie and Daddy that mommy is hurt bad!  "Ah, poor mommy," and she pouts and inches towards the stairs.  I can hear her as soon as she gets up there.  "Mommy hurt."  Daddy assumes she is just playing a game and continues what he was doing.  Nennie kicks into protective mode.  "How is she hurt?"  A few minutes later Allie and Nennie are in front of me helping me to the couch and getting me an ice pack.

Fast forward to last weekend.  My foot looks better and doesn't hurt, unless something touches the spot.  Since the accident I have continued my workouts and even ran the Fitness 5 run.  Jake looks at it and is concerned that I might have a hairline fracture and calls this really good foot doctor.  He tells us to have me go to SCK and get an X-Ray of my foot and he'll look at it.  I have only ever had dental x-rays taken.  This is my first time.  I was actually excited!  So yesterday, I went to SCK.   The nurse left me in the room with my pictures on the computer screen.  So, of course, I took a picture of it.  The doctor came in, looked at it, told me I probably bruised the tissue around the bone.  NO BREAK!  I was happy.  I've gone almost 34 years, with no broken bones.  He then tells me I am going to be his easiest patient this week and to have a good day.  I will!

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george said...

Just a practice run....LOLOLOL!
You definitely have a guardian angel working overtime...not to mention a protective personal physician! Lucky you!!