Thursday, April 1, 2010

THIS is NO joke!

That's right! The proof is in the picture. I broke, no shattered my iPhone. But it's actually an interesting story. This last Sunday I went for a 6 mile run. Beautiful weather and I was feeling great, just like any other run... I was carrying my iPhone with headphones hooked up to it listening to my running mix. I do it ALL THE TIME! That way if anyone needs to get ahold of me they can. I can also keep track of the time, since I don't wear a watch. However, on this particular run about 3/4 through my first mile, I decided to put my iPhone in the front pocket of my hoodie in order to pull my sleeves up. In the process of doing just that and running, my iPhone fell out of my pocket and dangled for a step or two from the headphones before unplugging itself and falling face first on the sidewalk. Now as you can see I have a silicone cover around my phone. I've had it there since I got the phone. But lately it has been tearing a little in one corner. I even told myself and Jake that I needed to get a new cover... and didn't. And sure enough, that same corner hit the sidewalk just right in order to put a 2 inch crack in the top glass. Now it still worked, so I kept on running. I learned from our friends the Norris', that we could replace just the top glass ourselves. Jake said he would look into it for me. Now I know what your thinking, "That picture looks worse than just a little crack!" And you would be right. That just happened tonight at dinner. Allie was watching a movie trailer at Il Vicino while we were waiting for our food. Next thing I know my phone is face down on the floor. I cringed my teeth and picked it up. I was fine using it before tonight, but now I'm terrified! Jake just ordered the new glass. We hope it comes soon. I'll still receive texts and send them, but I'm going to be shying away from talking on it until it's fixed. I'll keep everyone updated!


Julie said...

looks cool.

george said...

OOOOOOOOPPPPSSSS!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!At least you can look at the bright side!!