Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kansas Trip-Day 3 (FRIENDS)

Tuesday is all about FRIENDS! I had an relaxing appointment at a spa and as I was leaving they inform me that "a friend" had called and paid for it. I was so shocked! I quickly sent out texts to find out who the guilty party was. But I came up empty. All (most) of my girlfriends were going to be bringing their kids to our house at 4:30 for a pizza party, so I could ask them all again. Lucky for me, the first one to arrive was the sweet friend who picked up the spa tab. Amy Haan, she had called me the day before to see if she could bring anything and to see what my plans were. I had told her about the appointment, so she decided to surprise me. I was surprised!

Come 4:30, we had a house FULL of people. I ordered 8 large pizzas, only to have 2 slices left over! The kids were playing in every square inch of our house and yard. They were in their "happy place". If you could see LOVE from space, my house would have been glowing. It was so wonderful that everyone took the time out of their schedule (and on a school night) to come to our house and hang out. Normally I am taking a ton of photos. I was too busy visiting. I only took one!

This is the one I took. Only some of the kids are in it.

But my amazing sister realized I hadn't been taking any, so she picked up her camera and started taking photos of me and my friends. Just look at "goofy" smile. You can tell I was having a blast and in MY "happy place".

Megan and me

Me and Sarah

Me and Angela

Erin, me and Lori

Me and Julie

Me and Amy

I missed these fabulous women very much and I can't wait to be back in 4 months. The next morning my son walked into the kitchen for breakfast and looked at me smiling said, "Mom, that party was AWESOME!" I think I wasn't the only one who missed our friends. Thanks for making our vacation the best, Guys!

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Great pictures, Peanut!