Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kansas Trip-Day 5 (neighbors)

Me, Karen and Jen

Our Thursday started with a wonderful visit from my step-mom, Karen. The kids love to chase her around the house. We are really looking forward to her visiting later this month!

Later that evening, we had our fabulous neighbors, the Jittawaits and Brothertons came over for Tacos. The big brothers of both families were classmates of Owen's last year. He has really missed these guys.

Allie, Owen, Noah, Jake, Paul and Ana

I missed their moms. A month before we moved to Boston, Kris Jittawait found a lump in her breast and it turned out to be cancer. She quickly had a double mastectomy and went under chemo and radiation therapy. She finished her treatments almost 2 weeks before our visit. It made my heart hurt to see how different she looked. But her spirit was still there and thriving. We laughed so hard all night! After everything her and her family has been through, and I wasn't around to help, she told me before she left that she will be hosting a HUGE BBQ when we move back. You've got to love neighbors that ROCK!!!

Me, Kris and Gillian


Emz said...

YAY for being there.

love the photo.

YAy for awesome friends.

peanut3762 said...

People.....people who need people....