Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm a mom of two active kids. I'm a wife to a wonderful man. That's pretty much all I need to say that can sum up the busy week we've had. BUSY. Suddenly I'm seeing a cartoon of myself with bee wings flying in all directions at once. But it's actually been the opposite. I've taken the time focus on the activities I'm doing. Not worrying if I'm going to get it done, get it right or even attempted at all. And surprisingly the things that matter are getting accomplished. I'm not stressed out, so I can sit back and enjoy the moment. I wish I could bottle this sense of peace I feel, but I think it comes to one in the moment you decide to let go of the control. Then your to-do lists seem different. Shorter almost. You spend your energy on the few things that contribute to you being happy. And suddenly you are...HAPPY. Thankful.

I'm a mom. I'm a wife. I'm productive. I'm HAPPY!


Sunnye and RJ said...

That is how I felt when y'all were growing up. Just focus on what is important because life is to short.

ozartink said...

Moment of epiphany!!!!