Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bon Voyage!

Today my baby sister got on a plane and flew to "Cheerio England". She will be there for about a week doing the tour of the "Gems of Great Britain". She is with her best friend. They funny thing is the two of them drove from Manhattan to Wichita and back within about 4 hours... actually the funny thing is they got lost on the way home! Now those two avid travelers are across the ocean, in a foreign country. I sure hope they keep their GPS charged... and take a ton of pictures! We'll see you when your state-side. Be safe and I love you!


george said...

a trip to talk about for a lifetime....with pictures to prove it! The stories they will have....the experiences ....the good, and the bad. Instead of saying, oh I wish I had done that...They did! May the roads rise with you and the wind be at your back .....Good luck!

Julie said...

Love you Jennifer. Have so much fun!