Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Natives... and their sleeping habits!

Lately, my kids have been doing some funny things to fall asleep. My son has developed some fears at night, so he builds what he calls "forts". We refer to them as "sweat tents". He covers himself, with either toys or blankets, from head to toe. When we go to check on him, he is dripping sweat and sound asleep. My daughter on the other, will pass out while reading a book in bed. It has become almost a daily routine during nap time. I walk in to check on her 5-10 minutes after tucking her in and the book is either propped open or laying open over her like a blanket. They are so cute with their routines. I can't wait to see how these habits develop over the years!

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george said...

Allie...such a reader.....Owen and his dinosaurs....yes....it will be interesting to see where these habits go....and what they become!