Monday, September 7, 2009

Police Case #09C514338

What a pleasant surprise! We had just pulled up in our driveway after an overnight visit to Salina. As we are driving towards the garage Jake and I both notice tire marks through our front lawn. SUPER! Jake went across the street to see if the neighbors saw anything. Apparently last night at around 12:30 am our neighbors across the street woke up to several cars parked in front of their house and the empty lot next door. It was dark outside and they were afraid it would lead to violence since the party goers were drinking. He then said that a white, he thinks, SUV drove up our driveway like it might turn around. Then it spun its tires and peeled through our front yard. It went in on one side and out the other. However, the people who live across Reed's Cove Street got it worse. The infamous SUV then drove up into their yard narrowly missing the light poll and doing a U-Turn back onto the street. Their yard is tore up, where as ours is just has these deep tire marks. Lucky for us, we have already scheduled to have our lawn aerated and over seeded next month.


george said...

Bring on the surveillance cameras...the 24/7 patrol.....these people will be brought down......meted out justice and punished for their misdeeds and wrongdoing!!!! Reality bites! Timeing is everything! It could have been so much worse! The grass is not always greener on the other side!

jolyn said...

We've had one of those across our lawn before, although I think it was only an intoxicated driver and no police in pursuit!