Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When the thunder rolls...

Head for cover or at least a warm bed to chase away the willies. Last night we had the most amazing rain/thunder/lightening/wind storm ever! As of now we got 6.26 inches of rain since midnight. It woke up both Jake and I. We were just laying in bed waiting to hear the pitter patter of little feet. Sure enough, we heard them. However this time they stopped halfway and then nothing! We have been trying to get Owen to be a big boy and stay in his room all night. So we thought maybe he was trying to be a big boy and went back to bed. Jake got up to investigate. He came back to bed with a little smile. "Guess where Owen was?" I'm thinking his bed. "He was in Allie's room, playing with her hair." Jake took him back to his own room, where he stayed till morning.

I fell asleep with a warm in my heart, if my kids are in need they will always have each other!

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george said...

Raising kids is no easy chore....but it's moments like that...that reassure you....job well done.