Thursday, June 16, 2011

Farewell Play Date

Tonight we hosted a play date with our favorite families in Cambridge. The Beans and the Fortners. It was so much FUN!!! We even had a bonus friend. Last night Owen met a boy in the courtyard named Emochay. He and his dad are visiting his aunt, who as luck would have it, will be moving into OUR APARTMENT in July!!! I gave his aunt a tour of the place. They are so nice. It's a shame we are just now meeting them.

Back to the play date. The kids had so much fun. I was only able to catch a few good shots of the kids. I promise to post some more tomorrow.

Allie pre-play date.

Owen and Emochay
(He told us it means "a king is born". Those are some high standards!)

John talking to the kids about eating on the wall carefully.

The "trio" launching a stomp rocket with their butt!

Lance rescuing a rocket from the roof.

Allie's sidewalk art.
Yellow sun, blue sky, white clouds, green grass and a rainbow!

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ozartink said...

.....all good things must end...always too soon......