Sunday, June 5, 2011


Today might be the last time the kids and I are able to get to Frog Pond/Tadpole Playground. So with the perfect weather, we went! Frog Pond was not available for wading, but the playground was a buzzing place. The kids were running around having a blast.

Owen being funny

The duo

A lady was face painting there.

She's a beautiful butterfly with a giant balloon flower.

Owen with a blue bunny and a green sword.

Of course we end our park trip with Ice Cream Treats!

After we hung out at home for a while, the Prices came over for dinner and some much needed play time. The kids had so much fun. The adults ate some Indian food.

Nathan and Owen on his top bunk.

Julie and me

Even though I was smelly and sweaty (I went for a quick run before dinner), I got a great picture of Julie and I before they left for the night. I'm pretty sure the boys wouldn't have minded staying the night with us. But we need a good nights sleep for tomorrow's adventure. To Be Continued...

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