Wednesday, June 15, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things-Boston #4

Where do I begin? I've been waiting to do this post so I can include all of the amazing things I want to share (that I haven't shared already). But he will be finishing his year of first grade next Thursday.

I LOVE his school, class, friends, teachers, EVERYTHING! This can be a hard thing, being a former teacher, I have my opinions. But this school opened my eyes and I've realized that an education is what you make of it.

First, there are 22 students in his class. Only a third of them are boys. He has a homeroom teacher, Mrs. Headley, who teaches reading, writing and language arts. There is also Mrs. Myler, who teaches math, science and social studies. Mrs. DC is the para in the room to help with the students who need some one-on-one help and she takes the students from class to the special classes (gym, music, art, computer, library). The attention each child receives is incredible.

Then there is the curriculum. Every month they send home a packet of what standards and benchmarks are going to be taught and what topics will be covered in the lessons. I was most impressed with December's packet.

Then to incorporate the cultures in the school they spent 6 weeks learning Spanish. This lesson ended on May 5th with a big Fiesta. They kids had so much fun, Allie even got to be there for it.

Owen taking on the pinata.

The class waiting there turn.
(Allie in the green dress)

Then for the science fair. Instead of having each student do a project. The class as a whole spent 4 weeks during science time learning about the skeletal system.

They might be future doctors?

The class interactive Bone Board.

The class even spent a month doing an author study of Robert Munsch. I personally love several of his books (I'll Love You, Forever). They read all of his books, played a "family feud" style game about the books, wrote letters to the author. Robert even wrote back to the class answering their questions and included a story he wrote with some of the students as characters in it. YEP, Owen was one of them! (I have a copy of the story to save.)

I'm not sure what next year will bring, but I am confident that my son is ready for second grade. I just hope they are ready for him!!!

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ozartink said...

Of course...He is READY!! He is a Harvard Man!!! This year has been a HUGE learning experience for him!!