Thursday, June 2, 2011

Garden Picnic

I LOVE OWEN'S SCHOOL! (There will a be a post dedicated to Morse Elementary soon.)

Last night (besides the crazy weather) was Morse Elementary Garden Picnic. Families were to bring a picnic dinner and a dessert to share. They provided beverages and several activities. Thanks to the weather, there wasn't a lot of people there. But that didn't stop the Arnetts from having fun!

Del's Famous Lemonade (Rhode Island treat)

The kids listening to a story about gardening.
My kids spent most of their non-eating time here. :)

They even had a raffle drawing to raise some money. I bought 6 tickets (3 for Owen and 3 for Allie). There was a grand prize (a family outdoor activity paid for, ie boating, skiing, ice skating) and a runner-up prize (a giant hanging plant). When the raffle started, the kids all gathered around the caller. Everyone was holding their little blue tickets staring at the numbers hoping to hear them called. A 6th grader won the grand prize. Then they announced the winner of the runner-up prize. And guess who had the winning ticket? YEP! Mr. Luck, himself. He was speechless. He looked at me and said, "That's my number!" I told him to go up and claim his prize. The whole time he walked to the front of the crowd, Allie was jumping up and down yelling, "THAT'S MY BROTHER! THAT'S MY BROTHER!" pointing and waving her arms. It was so cute. I'm not sure Owen actually knew what it was he won, until they showed him the plant. But to emphasize the "cool" factor of winning, all of his friends came up to congratulate him as we carried the huge plant to the car. He was so excited! He kept saying he was the luckiest boy alive. I happen to agree with him!


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ozartink said...

The Arnetts are some pretty awesome ,lucky people!!!!