Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birthday Boy!

7 years old

August 9th was Owen's birthday. We had been busy over the weekend with family visiting, so on his actual day we just went to his favorite restaurant for dinner. Red Robin... YUM!

Then we got ready for his final BLOWOUT! He wanted a Mario Brothers Party with his friends. So we had one tonight. Now if you were to look on line or at party stores, you can find the usual things for a party with this theme. Napkins, plates, goodie bags... I got that covered. But my son saw some cakes on line that people made with the Mario theme. So not to break his heart, I planned out how I could make something similar. Lucky for me, my little sister is a professional baker. This is how it went down.

4 different colors of frosting.
(We don't like fondant!)

I used Air Head candy for the decorations.

My sister applied the frosting, I supervised!

Allie was picking up tips from the expert.

One cake was 2 layers of chocolate and the other was 2 layers of vanilla. You can see the finished product below.

The party started wonderfully. Our friends showed up and everyone played, played and played. We got them to stop and eat some pizza. Then there was more playing. I was able to herd them back to the table to sing "Happy Birthday" and eat some cake. Next they played a little more. Finally, we gathered them all up to open presents before people left. Let's just say they all KNOW my son and he made out like a LEGO ROCK STAR!

Boys eating pizza

Girls eating pizza


Boys eating cake

Girls eating cake

It was an "awesome party" according to my son. Which translates to a success for Mommy. :)

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Patsy Baker said...

So cool! Great job on the cake.