Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthday Weekend (Owen)

This past weekend was PARTY-PALOSA! We celebrated on both days with family for Owen's upcoming birthday. On Saturday morning I asked the kids to go get dressed for the first party. This is what they picked!

Lady Gaga should be taking notes. :)

Our guests for this party were Grandma and Papa Arnett, Nennie and Papa George. It was small, but fun!

The cupcakes the kids helped me make.

Present from Nennie and Papa George.

From Grandma and Papa Arnett

From Grandma and Papa Arnett

On Sunday we had a slight bigger gathering. The guest list was Gramma Karen, Uncle Keith, Nana, RJ, GG, Great Uncle Dennis and Nennie.

Owen got 2 RC helicopters.
One from Daddy and one from Gramma Karen's Crew.

More cupcakes.

Legos from GG.

Legos from Nana and RJ.

We haven't had the friend party yet. But I can already say, this has been a great birthday.

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Patsy Baker said...

Love the birthday boy and the smile!