Thursday, August 18, 2011

Second Grade

That's right world. My "little" boy is starting second grade today. This means we have to start our day with a special breakfast on the "special red" plate.

Daddy was home to make and BIG breakfast!

After we eat, we take our "annual" picture in front of the fireplace.

He is getting SO BIG!

Allie wants to be in the pic. :)

Then we load up the car and head to school.

Someone looks EXCITED!

We park the car, with all the other mommies and daddies, and walk in. The timing was perfect! Owen ran into some of his kindergarten buddies!

Owen and Logan
(Logan isn't in his class this year, but they still chatted it up.)

My 3 Stooges
(Owen, Jake and Noah)

Owen had to go through the morning routine.
This was putting his name under sack lunch.

One last hug and he went to his seat, next to Jake.

Allie wasn't all that happy about leaving.

Then we ran into our friends, the Williams.
Allie looks up to Paige. (I got to give Paige a "good luck" hug!)

Now we wait until 3:35 for pick up and to find out how his day went.

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Patsy Baker said...

Love the picture of Allie with headless Jake and the ginormous coffee.