Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pre-K Begins...

Traditional "first day of school" photo

That's right folks! Yesterday was Allie's first day of Pre-K. She was so EXCITED! She wore her backpack almost all morning. (Her school started at 1:00.) It was so cute, about every 20 minutes she would ask, "Are we going to school YET?" Below are the pictures I took from her first day.

"WATCH OUT, World!"

Can you see my backpack?

I was born READY!

She got to eat her lunch (McDonald's) on the "special red plate".

Daddy was off work in time to take her too!!!

Once we got there, we got to watch her learn the morning routine.

1. Give her teachers her homework folder.

2. Hang up her backpack on her hook and go wash her hands.

Her day must have gone smoothly. I didn't receive any phone calls. At pickup, we got our famous "Arnett-Williams" picture.

Today was her second day. She asked to eat her breakfast on the "special" dish. (I let her.) Then when we were going to drop off I asked her if I was to just drive up and let her out. She got this sad face and said, "Mommy, I want you to come in with me." So I parked the car, held her hand and repeated the same process as yesterday. My heart was singing the whole way. SHE STILL NEEDS HER MOMMY!!!!

Day 2 photo

Day 2 photo


Patsy Baker said...

So sweet.

Angie said...

Hooray! Can't believe she is so old!