Saturday, August 13, 2011

Teacher Draft-2011

I have come to realize that there is an event that takes place every fall that gets people excited, eager and nervous all at once. No, I'm not talking about the NFL draft. I'm talking about the Teacher Draft. The letters that are sent from the schools to families all over America informing them of their student's teacher assignment.

This fall was my first! I hadn't heard anything, good or bad, about any of the 3 second grade teachers. What my concern/focus was who would be IN my son's class. The texts began at 11:45 this morning. Some of the moms got their mail before we did. But you can bet, I was at the mailbox as soon as the little white truck pulled away from my curb.

The envelope wasn't even sealed. But there it was. I opened it up and pulled out the single sheet of paper that said.
To the parents/guardians of : Owen Arnett
Your child's classroom teacher will be: Mrs. Unrein

This was a pleasant surprise. She was the computer lab instructor when Owen was in Kindergarten. But due to need, she became a second grade teacher. Plus, she lives just down the street from us.

So I sent my text out informing others of who we got. Then we had to wait on our 2 best friends from Kindergarten. Noah's mom quickly replied back to me that he got her too. AWESOME!!! We didn't hear from Jake's mom until almost bedtime. Would we be lucky two times in a row? YES!!!! Both of his buddies are going to be in his class next year. This was very fortunate for us. There were 3 different teachers. Another mom I know got a different teacher and has mixed feelings about some of the students that will be in the same class as her child.

I'm sure it will all work out for everyone in the long run. But it sure was exciting.

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