Sunday, August 14, 2011

Training-week 21

Well, I did it again. I ran 20 miles. This time I was outside. I ran a 10 mile loop, then stopped at my house for a refill on my water bottle and ran the 10 mile loop again.

The first loop was easy. I felt GREAT! I had started at 6:30, so the weather was perfect. The second loop I took a little longer to run. (But not much!) I had agreed to try "peach tea" Gu Chomps. I really needed to find something that would help my muscles repair themselves since I was running so far. I can honestly say, they weren't BAD. I had eaten one every 4 miles, until I reached mile 12. Then I ate one every 2 miles until I finished. I ate the remaining 2 on my cool down walk home. I know I should have eaten the entire package during the first loop and had a second pack on the last loop, but I was just trying them out. My stomach felt good.

The last 2.5 miles were the toughest. The wind was at my back. But there was this little voice inside my head saying, "if you get it in gear, you might finish at 4 hours". I finished at 4:02:22. I was thrilled!!! When I walked into the garage, I found a big water bottle full of ice cold water and this sign.

I feel AMAZING! I feel BLESSED! I love my life.

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