Monday, August 22, 2011

Pre-K Open House

Today was Allie's Pre-K Open House/Meet the Teacher. She was SO EXCITED!

Here she is outside Chapel Hill.

She got her name tag on. Too bad they misspelled it on EVERYTHING!

She practiced sitting on her spot for circle time.

They gave her a checklist of things to do in the classroom.
She diligently checked each item off.

It was a pleasant experience. We met 2 of her teachers and found where the bathrooms are. She seemed ready for Wednesday's first day of school. As we were driving out of the school parking lot, I asked her if she remembered her number (they are assigned numbers for cubbies, hooks, etc.). She said, "My number is 2. (She was right.) I know where everything is. You can just drop me off on Wednesday." WHAT!?!? I think a little bit of my heart broke when she said that. So I asked her if it would be alright to walk her in and take a few "first day of school" pictures. After a pregnant pause, she said that would be ok. I guess you can say she's ready!


Julie said...

Sounds like her momma!

Patsy Baker said...

Nate did the same thing....see where you are headed? Gotta love independent children.

Patsy Baker said...

She looked beautiful!