Monday, August 29, 2011

That's Love-Love

Tennis Star...

Well, I wouldn't go that far. However, over the past 4 weeks, he has been getting better.

Yep! Owen has been taking tennis lessons and likes them, so we will continue through the month of September (and then who knows?). He takes them at the Riverside Tennis Club. I was a little hesitant about it because it was a bit of a drive for us to get there. But the instructor is AMAZING!!! They always have at least one other tennis helper to lower the ratio. The skills are basic, but they really know how to get them to learn the moves. As in most cases, it is quite entertaining to watch my son in a learning environment. The following pictures are from 3 of the 4 sessions.

Water Break

I'm assuming he's learning the back hand?

Pose for the camera!

The good news is he was suppose to be sitting for instructions.

Allie-our sideline "ball girl". :)

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