Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Binkies... Who needs them?

Not Allie anymore! Last night we were getting into bed and I couldn't find any of her binkies. We looked in the kitchen too. I looked at her and said, "I wonder if the Binkie Fairy heard you today telling mommy and daddy what a big girl you were and came while we were gone and took all your binkies." She paused and looked at me, "She took them to the babies! Now I get a BIG GIRL PRESENT!!!" I'm a little cautious as to how easy this whole thing is taking place. Lucky for us all, I had already bought the "big girl present" and was just waiting for her to be ready. Apparently last night she was. There wasn't any crying. She asked for them once with daddy but he just told her we don't have them anymore. Then she fell asleep without one! This morning she woke up really excited. Even Owen was excited for her. It was an awesome moment, that I'm glad I caught in photos so everyone can experience it.


george said...

Milestones.......recorded or be remembered and enjoyed! I hope this is just one more step to "big girl panties" and so much more! Before you know it, she will be in school!

Angie said...

so fun