Monday, October 5, 2009

Everyone loves a parade!

Last Saturday was Greater Andover Days! Last year we attended the parade and a brief period at the fair afterwards. This year, Owen's school had a float and invited kids to walk in the parade. Since I was on the parade committee, you can bet my son was in the parade! He got to sit by a classmate, Noah, on the float. I walked along the trailer. Daddy, Allie and Papa George were patiently waiting towards the end of the parade route. Allie got a little TOO excited before the parade started and fell, scraping her upper lip pretty bad. But it didn't slow her down more than the hiccups would. It was such a big morning, we didn't even stop by the fair. We just got lunch and went home for naps!

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george said...

YES WE DO! It was quite unfortunate that Alllie fell....but she was in Good Hands with her favorite Doctor! She is really "ONE TUFF COOKIE"!