Monday, October 19, 2009


Saturday was Critter Storytime at Watermark Bookstore & Cafe. So after swimming lessons we drove to the book store to hear an Eric Carle, The Very Busy Spider, and got to see a tarantula. I am always surprised at how fearless Allie is. They didn't get to touch the real spider, it was a wild one that someone found. But they got to touch a molt of one. Owen chose not to, but Allie was right there front and center. Afterwards, we stopped at the Cafe to see Nennie and sample the spider theme treats she made. I would have to say the whole thing was a big success. I wonder what will be visiting us next month?

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george said...

I don't like spiders and snakes....but I got what it takes...I am not surprised....Owen says...let Allie check it out first! Alpha Allie....a new "super hero".....Look out she comes!