Friday, October 23, 2009


Jen, when I picked her up.

Last night I took my sister to dinner, at Sabor, and to the musical "Wicked". Just the two of us! It was sort-of a "Thank You" for just about everything she's done for me and my family. We are so lucky to not only have her in our life, but to live so close. I've always been proud to have her as my sister, but not always told or showed her. The fact that it was "Wicked", made it even better and mean something more. Jen is the one who bought me the book. She even bought me the Wicked Witch of the West Barbie for Christmas last year. (I think this year she is getting me the Witch of the East Barbie!) I've seen the musical on Broadway last year. But there was something special about sharing it with her. Jen teased me about being "Popular", but she should know that she's "defying gravity"!


peanut3762 said... I'm crying in the lobby at work, does this count as a visit? I had so much fun, can never thank you enough! Love YOU!

george said...

I will have to read the book....I read the peter pan book....3 stars on that! Look forward to the next one! And I also finished the twilight book from Jen....again...3 stars! I don't know that I will see the about the movie? Yes are very deserving of such entertainment and I hope to celebrate similarly with you for all you did during my "vacation" with the grandkids! to popularity...I think that there will be many stories, many pictures and thousands of memories of fortunate children...and parents....that shared so many life experiences...growing up with "nennie"...Priceless!