Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monster Mash!

The second annual Arnett Halloween Party was a HUGE success! It wouldn't have been possible if not for all of my friends and their families. Everyone we invited showed up, some even brought their grandparents. I, of course, took a ton of pictures. Several other mommies did too! I can't wait to see what they captured. Last year I made a photo book from the event. I plan to do the same thing this year. I love watching these cute kids grow up year to year. Makes me sad that we won't be having the big party next year. But never fear, we WILL have it the following year!

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george said...

Looks to me like every"body"....had a horribly wonderful time on such a very scary Halloween! It's great that so many pictures were taken....the album should be awesome....and a source of entertainment for many years to even tho...the Arnetts...won't be here in 2010...the next year will be a challenge to match or exceed the level of enjoyment that all who participated indulged in!