Friday, October 23, 2009

Making the Grade

I picked Owen up from school today and we went to lunch just the two of us, like most Fridays. As I was going through his book bag at Braum's, I noticed an envelope. I took it out and opened it. In my hands, was his very first report card! I am so proud of him. He has a few areas to work on, but he is exceeding my expectations. I went over it with him and explained that the plus signs were good. I think he was as proud of himself as me. I'm not sure if we'll "reward" him for his good grades. I like the idea of him taking ownership and finding pride in his accomplishments in education. However, we did get some ice cream as a little treat after eating our lunch. :)

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george said...

Assimilation into a school system is never easy...especially when one is so precocious and intelligent beyond his years that he might possibly be bored by the overall presentation of the class material...yet socialize into the daily program...and come out in the middle...a winner! Where Owen will rise in the system remains to be seen....but he will achieve much more than is anticipated...with the grounding he has already been given...the sky is the limit....the earth his will be a great ride!