Saturday, October 17, 2009

She'll potty, if SHE wants to!

Taken 2/19/09

Allie has always shown some sort-of interest in the potty-training process for over a year now. She wanted to get a Dora potty seat to go on the BIG potty. She wanted to buy big girl panties, but just to look at them or wear them over her pull-ups. We even got her dolls a little potty to have her learn the process.

My daughter has an aggressive personality. If she wants something, she goes for it. All on HER terms! Well, this morning was not any different. Recently she acquired a trunk of 4 princess costumes from the "Binkie Fairy" (still NO binkies!!!). I happened to mention then that if she went pee on the potty, I would buy her the box that had the 4 pairs of princess shoes to match.

Flash forward to 9:40 this morning. We had just done swimming lessons (which she LOVES). I know for a fact that she won't pee in her swimmers, but will wait until I put on her pull-up. So when I took her swimmer off in the locker room, I asked her, "Do you need to go pee on the potty?" She sat there for a few minutes and then she looked at me and said, "So if I go pee on the potty, you'll buy me the shoes to match my princess dresses?" I paused and replied yes. Then I asked her again, "Do you WANT to go pee on the potty?" She said, "Um, yeah." So I walked her into the bathroom stall and picked her up and sat her on it. She held herself on it and pointed to the side of the stall and said, "Shut the door and stand out there." I was shocked, but went with it. I held the door closed and stood around the corner of the stall. Within seconds, I heard her peeing! I can't believe it. Actually, I CAN! If she decides, it happens. Granted it was just one time and I plan on holding out until we can get panties on, but it looks like I will be buying some princess shoes in my immediate future!


Angie said...

She is going to be thrilled with this photo when she gets older, also, just one more piece of proof that shoes fix everything.

george said...

Alpha child moving on.....and up...on her terms....never ceasing to surprise...but always on the money...I would bet those shoes...she is trained by her birthday! I say "trained"...but only on her terms!