Monday, April 19, 2010

Green Thumb

Old tree

New tree

What's going to work? TEAMWORK

The "Root of all EVIL"

Everyone pitches in.

Allie on clean-up.

Owen put on the fertilizer.

Picture perfect project!

As any of you know, we have had a dead Japanese Maple in our front yard for over a year. Today we decided to replace it... OURSELVES!!!! We went out looking at stores and settled on a Pear Tree, to balance the front yard. We even had to even buy a shovel. That's how much we work in the yard. Owen and Allison were very excited to help. We also bought some flowers to go around the trunk. I think we did an awesome job. But we probably won't do much more for a while. :)


Julie said...

strong work

george said...

a memory tree....a family project...part of the home life...part of the home....contributing to your environment.....greening of your space....

Larsen's in Wyoming said...

Good Work!  I love family projects that actually turn out.  It looks great!  Now you can admire it each time you come home.  Lovely pictures! 

佑英 said...