Thursday, April 8, 2010


Today was Allie's first Kinder-swim class. Owen has been taking it for a while now. They level the kids into four groups based on ability not ages (but you need to be 3 to start them). A few months ago, Allie's Preschool Paddlers teacher (a parent participation class) told me she was sure she was ready to move up to a solo class. I told her I'd do one more month and then try them out. Well, today was our time to shine. As we were walking into the YMCA she was trying to tell me she didn't want to swim without me. I started to get a little nervous as to how this would all go down. I convinced her we should always try new things first then if we didn't feel comfortable we would go back to Preschool Paddlers. As soon as she got her suit on she was ALL BUSINESS! She looked at me and kept begging to get in the pool before classes started. I stood in the hall leading to the pool in case she needed me... she DIDN'T! She had a blast! Her teacher was very surprised by Allie's ability and fearless attitude. I guess she's a BIG GIRL now.

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george said...

Baby at a time.....and soon .....she will be "running" the swim of things for sure!!