Friday, April 2, 2010

How was your day?

It's a common question, but my days are anything but common.

Today it was raining when we woke up, so we put on our rain boots and took Owen to school. I came home and put away 7 loads of clean clothes. Allie and I watched a "Max and Ruby" then went and picked Owen up from school. We went through Sonic for lunch. Owen got his card punched at school, so he got to play the wii for 30 minutes. Then we went to our friends house to play for a couple of hours. After leaving there we stopped at Dillon's where I had decided to buy some sunblock and bubbles, since the weather had turned beautiful. We came home and got sun protected and played in the front yard/driveway for about 2 hours. There was bike riding, running in circles, bubble blowing, watching the construction guys across the street... tons of fun for less than $10. We cleaned up and went inside where I made Mac and Cheese for the kids to eat while they got out ALL of the "Little People" we own. They ate their dinner and we went to the back deck/backyard for dessert. Owen and I ate ice cream sandwiches while Allie ate a cherry popsicle. They played for about 30 minutes, then we came inside for bath time. It is 7:30 and both of my children are happy and asleep! So... how was your day?

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george said...

Sounds like a "picture perfect" day to me.....Priceless!