Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tale of Two Phones

It's a tragedy, a comedy and a love story all in one!

My Handy Man!

His work space.

The screws were really tiny. Luckily the screwdriver was magnetic!

The box containing my new iPhone.

The one on the left is my new one with it's new hard shell cover!

As most of you have read in the earlier blog, my iPhone was broken really bad. My wonderful husband got on line and ordered me a new glass top and even watched a "how-to" video to see how to replace it. Unfortunately, it was harder than it appeared and after spending several hours and trying various strategies... it would only turn on. I wasn't able to un-lock it. So my husband (did I mention how wonderful he is?) went out and bought me a new iPhone with a stylish hard shell cover to "hopefully" keep it from happening again. I've learned my lesson, nothing is INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!!

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george said...

Kudos to Jake!!!! If at first you don't succeed....punt and go for it!